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Info links
Page with many color info links
Evaluation of different Scanner Profiling 
ICM profile hacker.LapWarp package (works with wine)

netpbm, conversion program
Color space info and calculation
Some calibration info
color_management info
ufraw, tool for edit raw images with DCRaw

Colour Management System Proposal

Openicc homepage

Vilars homepage about colours

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LCMS profiler, littlecms lcms profiler info
Info on LCMS program

argyllcms profiler, info icclu, iccdump, icclib
xcalib, monitor calibration program
Free Color Manager
Information on SCARSE, a calibration scanner program
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Color standards
Info on colors and standards
icc profile spec 
European Color Initiative
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Reference Target
Reference targets (Wolf Faust)
Reference targets (colour science)
Page with info on calibration reference charts
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ics profiles www.ics.coloraid.de
icm profiles www.littlecms.com/iphoto/profiles.htm
profiles www.scarse.org/goodies/profiles/
Adobe site: Adobe ICC Profiles
Profiles on this site
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Links to packages
See www.beartteam.org/debian/unstable for some lcms and lprof 1.08 .deb packages
www.itp.tu-graz.ac.at/COMP/RPM/LByName.html for lcms and lprof .rpm packages
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lcms-user mailinglist
openicc mailinglist
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