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Info, links, documents
LPROF homepage
LPROF Sourceforge

other links
1. Info on LCMS program
2. Evaluation of different Scanner Profiling 
3. Info Scribus and lprof
4. Info Scribus and lprof (french)
5. www.itp.tu-graz.ac.at/COMP/RPM/LByName.html for lprof .rpm packages
6. www.coloraid.de ring
links to profiles
1. ics profiles www.ics.coloraid.de
2. icm profiles www.littlecms.com/iphoto/profiles.htm
3. ICC profile scanner VM356A, VM3575, Epson Perfection 1660 PHOTO
links to reference targets
1. www.targets.coloraid.de
Development tools
1. Qt info

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Downloads, Old LPROF package files
lprf109w32.zip windows executable 4,4Mb (should work with WINE).

If you experience problems with color casts on film, please download this (should work with WINE). 
patched qtscanner profiler for film

For lcms_profiler.exe see this page

lprof-1.09.tar.gz  Marti Maria, Download profilers
for linux/other* (full source) 2.5 Mb),
(Mark Rubin's contributed patches for linux. Solves case-sentitivity and right button problems)
* This works on any platform supporting Trolltech's Qt. 
  There is a specific part for KDE.
* Requirements for recompiling: 
  littlecms color engine >= 1.09
  Trolltech's Qt (any)

Profilers manual Marti Maria, thanks to Fredrik Lingvall for providing the formatted documents.

Some time ago (i do not know the precise date), Marti Maria
had to stop the development of this package, this page is a sort of copy of his last page.
This to preserve the good work he has done on this package. 

This package is now maintained on sourceforge see the LPROF homepage for more info.

Compiling the Old LPROF package 

change qt to qt3, -lqt to -lqt-mt, (QTDIR)=/usr
Profiler construction set

Due to its inherent nature, this library is released under GPL, that is, can be used on any free program, but not in commercial ones. The profiler construction set is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
WARNING: Some functionality of this package may violate patents on some countries. By downloading this software, you agree to not use or redistribute it at all if any related patent does apply to you. We declinate all responsability if you disregard this notice.

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For some lprof screenshots click here.

filenames extension profile: .icc , icm (windows)

Information which can be needed:
1. icc profile monitor or gamma and color values monitor
   for use of in the qtMonitorProfiler routine lprof package.
   With the monitor profile your scanner output
   can be displayed correctly on your monitor.
2. icc file printer
   When you want to print your image.

3. icc profile scanner

4. For converting ICC profiles in/out files: imagemagick ( convert program)

5. For viewing files: Gimp, Imagemagick

For generating a scanner profile, perform the following steps:

1. Scan a reference target, write or save the settings
   if a userscan is made, some settings should
   be equal (gamma, brightness, contrast etc.) otherwise
   with using the profile you don't get a good result.

2. Making a scanner profile with the lprof package:
 a. qtMeasurmentTool
    For example output file .it8 format 
 d. qtScannerProfiler
    For example, input file .it8, output .icc file format
 c. qtProfileChecker
    To check your profile
3. Program imagemagick convert commando:
convert <filename.png> -profile scanner.icc -profile monitor.icc <new filename.png>

4. Check image:
For 48 bit images (16 *3) use imagemagick display commands.
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To Do list/Ideas
1. Adding vcgt to a profile
2. Using icc profile files with for example GIMP, XSANE.
   With programs like GIMP, which have a acquire plugin for XSANE or
   XSCANIMAGE, in the setup for the scanner there is a choice
   between some default icc profiles (for example with gamma
   1.0, 1,5 or 2.2 which are kept in a directory for example 
   profile/backendname/scannertype) or a user profile.
   Then a scan is made with the parameters equal to the one in the selected
   profile. After selection if the image is to be shown on screen send to printer
   the convertion tool is used to get the correct image to display or print.
   See also SANE Bugreportnumber: 
   SANE Bugreport nr. 30181
   Selection of monitor profile can be done In GIMP monitor or in setup xwindows?
3. Use of lprof to create color compensation tables for webcams
   (CMOS and CCD sensors).
   Output 3*8 bit tables R, G and B.

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