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     cross reference scannerchip -- backend, version 0.50 (most usb, some par)
chipmanufacturerinterfaceint. intfbackendcomment
361033 Logitech usb logitech1 under development
93AFYXM TECO usb .. ??? Relisys Episode USB Vendor ID 0x0475 Product ID 0x0103
Avision B2 usb1.1 genesys chip internal GL646
CP2155BE S60865.1 ZSG0621DY Philips usb .. Canon Lide 70, 600F
E1 Genius par geniusvp2 E1 asci EICI 091000 see also standalone Primax
E1091000 + SL11 Genius usb par EICI 091000 and SL11 par to usb bridge (Scanlogic now Cypress), Primax Colorado USB 9600
E3/4 Genius usb viceo external, E3 asci EICI 119600
E5 Genius usb . (or LM9830 + E5) (=GL640usb)???, Primax E5??
EICI...... Genius usb/par standalone primax
gl120,123,125,126,127,128 Genesyslogic usb2.0 Sane genesys backend
gl646 Genesyslogic usb1.1 genesys
gl646_hp (sane-find-scanner output) usb1.1 genesys internal gl646 (label: fzc1n20gj or 26-00122-03B or ?)
gl660 + gl646 Genesyslogic usb2.0 usb1.1 genesys gl660 usb 1.1 to 2.0, under development
gl841 Genesyslogic usb2.0 genesys under development, see SANE CVS experimental/genesys
gl842/3/6/7 Genesyslogic usb2.0 for maybe some info see this page genesys
GT-6801 Sunplus SPGT6801 usb gt68xx Sunplus took over GrandTech
GT-6816 Sunplus SPGT6816 usb gt68xx, artec_eplus48u Sunplus took over GrandTech
HP Avision C7 Avision usb2.0/scsi avision HP82xx scanners
HP Avision C7C Avision usb2.0 HP8460 scanners
HP 163-74-000002 HP usb2.0 Information, driver HP46xx scanners, chip made by SQ (Clone SQ113?)
jl1001a Jeilin, usb 12 bits 4 in 1(AFE+ASIC+USB+ECP) Scanner Chip
jl1002a Jeilin, usb 14 bits 3 in 1(AFE+ASIC+USB) Scanner Chip, JLSC030S???
jl1004a Jeilin, usb2.0 USB2.0 Scanner Chip
jl1101 Jeilin, usb1.1 MFP [(Multi-Function Peripheral) Scanner(USB1.1)+Printer+Copy]
LM9820/2/3 (AFE) link to history National Semiconductor (now TI) A(nalog) F(ront) E(end)
LM9820 (AFE) + PV8630 link to history National Semiconductor (now TI) usb par some unsupported scanners Hardware, software, datasheets Merlin info
LM9830 TI par Hardware, software, datasheets Merlin info
LM9830 + gl640 TI usb par canon630u GL640 see Genesyslogic
LM9830 + PV8630 TI usb par hp4200 PV8630 From Powervision inc, see also umax 1200u and pv8630 files
LM9831/2/3 TI usb plustek Hardware, software, datasheets Merlin info
M5611B ALI usb .. no backend no doc, used in Microtek ArtixScan4000tf
M5615 ALI usb2.0 .. no backend no doc, used in Microtek ScanMaker 4700 and 5700
M5623 ALI usb2.0 .. cs3200f in SANE Experimental chip used in Mustek BearPaw 4800TaPro, Canon 3200F, Medion 6190
MA-1013/15 Mustek par mustek_pp also some difference in CCD or CIS sensor,
MA-1015/17 Mustek usb mustek_usb
MA-1505 Mustek par also some difference in CCD or CIS sensor,
MA-1509 Mustek usb scsi ma1509
niash00012/13/14/19 silitek? usb niash SANE 1.0.15
niash00033 www.silitek.com (lite-on) ? usb hp5400
P98001 Plustek par plustek_pp Plustek ASIC P98001
PV6115 Powervision (website?) usb 16 bits All-in-One scannner chip
....... +PV8630 Powervision (website?) usb scsi??? umax1220u umax1220u backend (pv8630), par. to usb bridge
W6662CF + PV8630 Powervision (website?) usb serial + par. data. see artec-ultima-2000-2 ..
HRP 8701 + PV8630 .. usb par HRP8701 Compeye Simplex 1236C, par. to usb bridge
PV8630, PV8632 Powervision (website?) usb par hp4200 backend (pv8630), par. to usb bridge
P98003 + Genesys USB-parport Plustek + GeneSysLogic usb par u12 Plustek ASIC P98003 + GeneSysLogic USB-2-Parport bridge
RTS8801B Realtek usb Visioneer 4800 USB see hp_rts88xx backend for some chip info
RTS8801C1/D Realtek usb hp_rts88xx externel,3-IN-1 SCANNER CONTROLLER CHIP
RTS8801C2 Realtek usb hp3500
RTS8822 Realtek usb ???? hp 3900 driver info
RTS8823 Realtek usb ???? hp 3900 driver info
RTS8852C Realtek usb1.1 lexmark backend PC-Based MFP Controller Chip
RTS8858C Realtek ..... lexmark backend ....
RTS8891 Realtek usb hp_rts88xx (external) or rts8891 externel,ASIC 13010070-5011 (RealTek RTS8891), rts8891
SCAN08 SQ usb1.1 .. sm3840 In SANE CVS feb 2005
SCAN09 or SQ009 SQ usb .. some info on unsupported canon d1250u2 page and this doc. ISP1581_USB20_SCAN_ASIC-01.pdf
SCAN11 or SQ11 SQ usb .. mustek_a3p1 Mustek P 3600 A3 PRO
SQ113C, SQ usb .. mustek_usb2 Mustek bearpaw 2448ta-pro, SQ113A3.1 TEVION MD90092 ??
TC90A52F (M011)? Toshiba usb sm3600
M012 Toshiba? usb unsupported Microtek scanmaker 8700
OA 1000 010E IA0515 OASIS SIGMATEL usb .. .. Info Canon Pixma MP130,STDC2150??
OA-982-LP / 0420T OASIS SIGMATEL usb .. .. Lexmark X2230,STDC2150??
STDC1100 Conexant usb .. .. Freescale???
STDC2150 Freescale SIGMATEL STDC2150 usb .. .. See also Conexant site
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