Hobbynet sunplusfps fingerprint FINGER835K

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Goal for this page is to collect data about the sunplus fingerprint device  and to give

Info, links, documents Fingerprint mouse
  1. USB bridge manufactuer hardware: Sunplus
  2. FINGER835K VID_04FC&PID_0232 packaged in a Habex mouse from Komland,
     see also Habex site, KOMLAND Optical Mouse HM 501F-0 Ergonomische Scroll-Maus
  3. Information fps: www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/
  4. Mouse manufactuer: Sunscan mouses
     Products looke like the mouse that i have, but according to Sunscan the Habex mouse is not there product.
fingerprint info
Manufacturer Model Interface USB id Status Comment
Sunplus finger835K USB 0x04fc/0x0232 -- Sensor is placed in a HABEX Mouse
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Hardware information
Scroll mouse board C4965 C09 06222B)
Top fps board USB Hub chip:                              ALCOR AU9254A21 (12 Mhz crystal)
              USB converter chip usb to parallel/serial: Sunplus SPCP835A (6 Mhz crystal)
              8-bit Serial-input/serial or Parallel-output Shift Register: Motorola HC595A
Bottom fps board Texas Instruments IC's 4x nand HC00, 6x inverter HC04, 4x Buffer HC125                          
Fingerprint Sensor view Fingerprint sensor: .............

looks like this one?
Lightuning LTT-SS500
LTT dist

24-11-2006 .. 24-11-2006 .. sunplusfps.txt

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23-11-2007 .. 23-11-2007 .. Working on SANE backend stopped
27-11-2006 .. 29-11-2006 .. Working on skeleton files, files renamed from sunplus-fps to sunplusfps (ready)
                            See download page.
24-11-2006 Start of webpage, some test done (lsusb -v, sane-find-scanner -v -v,).
	   Status: No working linux program found yet.
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11-01-2006 See Downloads page
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TO DO list
1. Generate some usb-sniff/usb log files so this device can be added to the fprint program
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