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Notes DTC 16D32

Setting voor DTC 16D32 SCSI scannercard.
This board is a simple SCSI board (ISA bus) mostly used for scsi scanners.
Also known as DMX 3181LE, chip on board from DOMEX type 436P.
When scanned with an testprogram, number 436E will be mentioned.

J1 jumper for PNP (plug and play) = open, for PNR (plug and run) = closed
J2 jumper for waitstates 1 waitstates = open, 0 waitstates = closed
Setup which I use: J1 closed, J2 open.
Interrupt:		For IRQ setup, enable IRQ in BIOS for ISA slot.
Setup for Linux:	modprobe g_NCR5380 ncr_irq=11 ncr_addr=0x280 dtc_3181e=1
Not always is a irq needed, irq can be between 1 and 15, try to use a irq which
is not used yet, the ncr_addr can also be different, for example 0x2a0, 0x2c0 
are values which can be valid.

Startdate 12-11-2001 update 08-11-2006