Hobbynet SANE m560x vidcam backend ( development on hold)

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Goal for this page is to collect data about the m5603c usb bridge and to give
information about the start of writing of a SANE m5603c Vidcam backend. 
No datasheet found on the ALI website, which sensor is present in the Q-TEC webcam 300 USB 2.0?

Info, links, documents
Q-TEC Webcam 300 USB 2.0
Trust SpaceC@m 360
Creative Live Pro (usb vid 041e pid 4038), check with lsusb -v if its a sq930c or m5603c usb bridge
Sweex USB 2.0 Webcam 1.3 Megapixel (K00-16620-e05 on cdrom) sensor OV7640
Genius VideoCam Slim USB2 0x0458:0x7012
Genius VideoCam SlimClip
Asus (A6000) notebook with BisonCam USB 2.0 (0x0402:0x5603) Z9100G, A3N series
"ASUS PW201" 20" LCD with 0402:5602 behind a 0409:005 a usb-hub.
Chip info
USB bridge manufactuers: Ali
    For a brief datasheet 
    (one page) see:      DigChip, select m5603c (005-00053-0-M5603C.pdf)

Sensor manufacturers:    Omnivision, OV7460
                         Hynix, HV7131
			 Micron, MI0360?
Some creative live pro pictures/info (files are removed): 

Kernel module driver info sites
Programs: m560x kernel module
blog info site
blog site

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Q-TEC Webcam 300 USB 2.0 vid 0x0402, pid 0x5603
Interface usb 2.0,
Optical Resolution: 640x480, 352x288, 320x240, 176x144, 160x120.
Q-TEC Webcam 300 USB 2.0: Chip:   Ali M5603C
                          Sensor:  maybe OV7640 or MI0360 or HV7131, 
                          Lens:   .......
For using these skeleton files SANE m5603c backend the following files need to be patched/placed:

sane backends: 			   (Use SANE-Backens 1.0.19 or higher)
placed in backend directory:       m560x.c, m560x.h, m560x.conf,in
patched in backend directory:      Makefile.in, dll.conf
patched in doc/description:	   m560x.desc
patched in doc directory:	   m560x.man
patched in include/sane directory: sanei_usb.h
patched in lib directory:          sanei_usb.c
patched                            configure.in

patched /etc/hotplug/              blacklist (add line with: ????? kernel module)

see also download link

At this moment there are two frontends which can be used with the m5603c backend:
1. xcam: for display (no streaming video (SANE bugreport 300832) only snapshots in 
   display and save to file is possible).
2. scanimage: for writing in batch mode to files (files can be one file
   each time overwritten or each time a frame is written to a new file).
   scanimage -d m5603cx:libusb:001:002 --batch=out.pnm --batch-count 5 --mode "Color RGB"
   for different files use =out%d.pnm
3. saned: not tested yet.
4. USB network?   see usbip

Using other frontends will be a problem, no idea if for example
writing a gstreamer-sane plugin will be a lot of work and/or difficult.
Another solution could be to use a frontend which can read the file from
scanimage which is refreshed at a rate of .. fps.

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2007	Status: on hold, orking on backend
20-01-2005 21-01-2005 Working on skeleton files m560x.c, m560x.h and m560x.conf.
16-01-2005 m5603c.txt, output from lsusb -vv
15-01-2005 Start of webpage, some test done (lsusb -v, sane-find-scanner -v -v,
           xcam, xawtv, camorama, spacagui, gtkam, gphoto2).
	   No working driver found yet.
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15-01-2005 See Downloads page
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TO DO list
1. Work on skeleton files m560x,
2. Waiting for ALI to release some documentation?  :-(
3. Check the sniff-usb commands and info from cdrom.
   For this chip a lot more usb commands are needed compared
   to other webcams, makes it a lot more difficult.
4. No isochronous libusb routine yet to read the frames.
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