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scannerinfo info
Logitech/Storm PageScan USB chip vid 0x046d, pid 0x040f
Logitech PageScan USB
The Logitech/Storm PageScan USB is a full color sheet fed scanner
Interface usb 1.1, Optical Resolution 300 x 300 (100, 150, 200, 300),
Brightness default 50, (color and grey), for b/w adjustable between 0 and 100
Autocrop yes/no (default yes), color, grey, b/w,
Calibration info, special sheet needed,
Chips inside: Logitech Inc 361033-0000 9718E , ram MCM622688, 
prom sticker 331073-0030 RTL rev. 1.0, pwb 221089 rev. B
 Picture Logitech 361033 chip
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18-01-2005 .. 19-01-2005 .. Working on usb commands bulk mode read.
14-08-2004 .. 18-01-2005 .. Working on usb commands write strings etc.
06-08-2004 .. 10-08-2004 .. Working on skeleton files logitech1.c logitech1.h and logitech1.conf
20-07-2004 Made some usb traffic logs (calibration, b/w, grey and color scan).
20-07-2004 Start of webpage, some test done (lsusb -vv, sane-find-scanner -v -v),
           no linux driver found yet.
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27-09-2004 See Downloads page 
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TO DO list
1. Make some usb trafffic logs (with sniff-usb 1.8), format output (with skipe4.pl) and check usb traffic.
2. Update logitech-pagescan.txt file with more USB commands info.
3. Work on calibration part, At the moment a dummy data file is sent to the scanner.
4. Work on read bulk, paper is detected, motor is turned on wrong direction, some data is read,
5. Work on end of paper detection ( reading interrupt)
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