Hobbynet Dell 810 USB scanner

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Info, links, documents
1. Dell
2. Lexmark
3. Lexmark Linux driver kit info
4. Information from Paul Wise (Lexmark X2330)
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scannerinfo info
Dell 810 vendor id 0x413c Product id 0x5118
Looks like rebranded Lexmark X2470.
Lexmark X2330, X2370 seems to have same usb endpoints.
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16-07-2008 .. 16-07-2008 Working on warnings, usb selection and usb commands.
12-07-2008 lexmark2.c removed some warnings.
           Testfase, problem with usb selection device (busy error)
11-07-2008 Added usb commands to lexmark2.c, added sane-lexmark2.man file.
           Testfase, problem with usb selection device (busy error)
02-07-2008 Made skeleton files lexmark2.c, lexmark2.h, lexmark2.conf.in, lexmark2.desc, see download page
           No usb commands put yet, device is detected.
	   See sq930x page for adding files to sane-backends.
11-11-2007 Made some pictures inside device.
26-10-2007 Start of webpage, some test done (lsusb -vv, sane-find-scanner -v -v),
           no linux driver found yet.
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14-04-2006 See Downloads page
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TO DO list
1. Make some usb trafffic logs.
2. Add usb commands to skeleton files
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