Hobbynet Notes Connectix QuickCam (Par)

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Info, links, documents
1. Camera info: Logitech
2. Webcam manufactuers: README.html qcwebcam
3. Programs: QuickCam Third-Party Drivers
4. Programs: http://www.cs.duke.edu/~reynolds/quickcam/
5. Programs: The cqcam home page 
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Connictix B/W QuickCam
Interface usb 1.1, Optical Resolution:
                   webcam  640x480, 320x240
		   Fileformat: .
		   Interface Par. port

15-05-2005 .. 15-05-2005 .. xcam frontend screenshot:
                         qcam-screenshot-connectix-bw-15052005.jpg size ~47k] 

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05-05-2005 .. 06-05-2005 .. Update qcam backend with debug info and free devlist.
15-04-2005 .. 30-04-2005 .. Start of webpage, some test done with the SANE qcam backend,
                            B/W images in window
                            cqcam does not startup reason???, B/W webcam ??
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27-09-2004 No files
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TO DO list
1. Check delay loops, processor (1700 celeron is to fast).
   At the moment when using export SANE_DEBUG_XCAM=1 - 9 and
   export SANE_DEBUG_QCAM=1 - 9 some extra delay is generated.
2. Check why xcam window is not closed when exit is done. 
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