Hobbynet Colorvision Spyder2express

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Goal for this page is to collect data about the Colorvision Spider2express device.

Info, links, documents
  1. Colorimeter device info: Colorvision
Linux Driver links
  1. ARGYLL supports Spyder
  2. LPROF supports Spyder
  3. Colorvision Spyder Linux driver development
User information
  1. ColorVisionSpyder2
  2. Using Spyder with ARGYLL
Other information
  1. color-meter page
Colorvision Spider2express
Manufacturer Model Interface USB id Status Comment
Colorvision Spyder2express USB 0x085c/0x0200 Check ARGYLL or LPROF LPROF info: Spyder 2, serial number 00659628, hardware version 0x0300
10-11-2007 .. 22-11-2007 .. Testing the LPROF package, status SANE backend: stopped.

17-04-2007 .. 17-04-2007 .. usb log colorvision-spyder2express-crt-export.csv.gz
22-03-2007 .. 22-03-2007 .. usb log colorvision-spyder2express-2-tft-export.csv.gz
16-03-2007 .. 19-03-2007 .. Working on skeleton files colorvision.c colorvision.h and colorvision.conf and colorvision.desc (ready)
16-03-2007 Start of webpage, some test done (lsusb -v, sane-find-scanner -v -v,).
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11-01-2006 See Downloads page
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