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Goal for this page is to collect data about the authentec fingerprint device.
Development of a SANE authentec backend is stopped. For driver see driver link below.

Info, links, documents
  1. Fingerprint device info: Medion
  2. Fingerprint manufactuer hardware: Authentec
  3. Old webpages www.archive.org
  4. Programs: Sof
  5. Link to devices with AES2501

Driver links
16-11-2007 fprint driver development for different fingerprint devices

AES3500 Information kernel module, device for example vid=0x08ff pid=0x5731
  biopod follow up
AES4000 Information userspace program, device for example vid=0x08ff pid=0x5731
  blog fubar dk

  AES4000 information, also some information about PAM interface

AES2501 Information linux driver, device for example vid=0x08ff pid=0x2580
  07-09-2006 linux AES2501 driver nope2k ad googlemail dod com
  08-09-2006 aes2501-wy.tar.bz2 userspace from Wittawat Yamwong
  20-04-2007 aes2501-wy Debian package
  Information Apple USB mailinglist
  AES2501 message vid 2303 (0x08ff) pid 9600 (0x2580)

See also some information on: wiki ubuntu Authenticaton

See also some information on: http://wiki.debian.org/FingerForce
See also some information on: http://home.gna.org/aes2501/index_en.html
Authentec AES2501 vid 0x08ff, pid 0x2580
  Device current max. (5V) 65mA
  USB/synchronous serial output; usb1.1/2.0
  3 to 3.6 and 2.4 to 3.6 V dc at 1 mA;
  0C to -70C;
  192- by 16-pixel matrix;
  sweep sensor, sensor is RF chip
  500-dpi resolution;
  0.384- by 0.032-in. matrix size;
  17-cm/s sweep speed
  output fileformat? 4bit data?
  Device placed in:
  Fingerprintsensors: Medion MD85264
  Notebooks: HP nx6125

Authentec AES3400/3500 vid 0x08ff, pid 0x5731
  128 x 128 pixel matrix, area sensor, 500 dpi resolution
  Device places in:
  Fingerprintsensors: APC Biopod

Authentec AES4000 vid 0x8ff, pid 0x5731
  96 x 96 pixel matrix, area sensor, 500 dpi resolution

Manufacturer Model Interface USB id Status Comment
Authentec AES2501 USB 0x08ff/0x2580 Device is detected Development stopped, use fprint
APC biomouse AES3400 USB 0x08ff/0x3406 Detection of device not yet Update of sanei_usb needed first?, dev. stopped
Sony Micro Vault USB Stick with fingerprint scanner AES3400 USB 0x054c/0x0171 Detection of device untested Update of sanei_usb needed first, dev. stopped
Authentec AES3500 USB 0x08ff/0x5731 Detection of device untested Development stopped
Samsung X50 notebook AES3500 USB 0x08ff/0x5711 Detection of device untested Development stopped
Fellowes Secure Touch Fingerprint Reader & Optical Mouse AES???? USB 0x08ff/0x5700 ---- -----
Authentec AES4000 USB 0x08ff/0x5731 Untested Init and read part of udrv program used, dev. stopped, use fprint

05-09-2006 .. 05-09-2006 .. Added authentec_finger_screen_1.jpg
				  From Andreas Grotz
04-03-2006 .. 04-03-2006 .. xcam frontend screenshot:
                         authentec-20060304-screenshot.jpg size ~37k] 

22-12-2005 .. 07-07-2006 .. authentec.txt

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23-11-2007 .. 23-11-2007 Development stopped.
04-03-2006 .. 29-11-2006 .. Working on usb commands, no visable image yet, some code cleanup.
                            See download page.
15-01-2006 .. 17-02-2006 .. Working on usb commands, init setup for biopod included (0x5731).
11-01-2006 .. 13-01-2006 Working on usb commands
10-01-2006 .. 11-01-2006 .. Working on skeleton files authentec.c authentec.h and authentec.conf(ready)
22-12-2005 Start of webpage, some test done (lsusb -v, sane-find-scanner -v -v,).
	   Status: No working linux program found yet.
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11-01-2006 See Downloads page
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